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European Delivery

The European Delivery Program combines the excitement of exploring Europe with the thrill of driving one of the world’s premier performance automobiles. Say good-bye to the timetables of trains and tour buses. The distance between destinations that you once endured now becomes an exciting experience. Take delivery of your new BMW in Munich or your new Porsche or Mercedes in Stuttgart, the birthplace of these unique brands, and christen it on some of the world's legendary roads—roads that defined the soul of your car.

We help simplify all the details, so you can focus on planning your vacation. You can order your new BMW, Porsche or Mercedes, schedule pick-up, arrange insurance and plan every step of your European vacation. Every step of this process, from ordering to insurance and shipping, is taken care of. Our optional Conde Nast Travel Program even offers a selection of exclusive tours designed to maximize your driving vacation.

Benefits You Can’t Ignore

Savings: By taking a European Delivery, you can realize substantial savings on the purchase price of your new BMW.

Vacation opportunity: Many European Delivery customers use the trip to Munich as a starting point for a European driving vacation. With many approved drop-off locations throughout Europe, you can enjoy great flexibility. Many find that the lower purchase price can pay for the entire vacation.

Travel convenience: Driving your own German car means traveling on your own terms. Simply go where you please, when you please and sit at your own place.

A memorable driving experience: German cars are synonymous with the autobahn. You can experience the world’s most famous roads in the world’s most revered performance luxury automobile.

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